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Longing for Adulthood

“Adult Glasses”

The desire to look fashionable.
The desire to look smart.
The desire to look effortless.

Glasses that answer your longing for adulthood,
creating a look that brims with maturity and sensibility.

Much like eye makeup that enhances your features.

Comes with a crossbody pouch that holds your glasses,
mobile phone and other small items,
making it a perfect accessory to keep your hands free while looking all stylish.

Line UpFull Collection

12 types in 3 styles / S$218.00

  • MI2001J-1A C2
    Relaxing Day Off

    Be Yourself on your
    Day Off

  • MI2002J-1A C4
    Lunch Date with Friends

    Dress up for a
    lunch date with friends

  • MI1001B-1A C3
    Back at Work

    Sophistication at



Indulge in some me-time on your day off
Have a good read by yourself at a café
Throw on a full-rim frame to add a touch of cuteness
Be yourself while looking well put-together



6mm-thick material to
create a vivid impression


Temples double as decorative accents
with the wire core encased in transparent acetate


Star motif added on the left temple tip
as a design element

Lunch Date

Dress up for a lunch date with friends
Go for a metal frame with elegant Cloisonné accents
Shining brightly like a prized jewellery
Elevating your confidence that flows from within



Using titanium for the front
to keep frame weight at its minimum


Adopting the Cloisonné enamel technique
to add depth to the frame front


Star motif added on the left temple tip
as a design element


Sophistication at Work
Look sharp while you are at work
With a dual-material frame that accentuates your eyes
A clever balance of fashion and sophistication
That says you mean business



Metal bridge with intricate engraving
to add a timeless appeal


Slim temples that create
a sleek silhouette


Star motif added on the left temple tip
as a design element

Original Case &
Cleaning Cloth Set

Spectacle Pouch & Cleaning Cloth Set

Featuring an adjustable shoulder strap with an iconic gold ring embellishment and a smaller case for your daily essentials like lipsticks and earphones, this spectacle pouch set is the perfect accessory to the “One-Mile Wear” dressing. The pouch takes on a minimalist design that can go with any outfit while retaining a subtle touch of cuteness. It also doubles up as a phone case when you are out wearing your spectacles. A limited-edition spectacle cloth is included in the set.

StylistNaoko Okusa

Naoko started her career as an editor and is currently one of the most prominent fashion stylists in Japan. She has served as the editor-in-chief of the web magazine "mi-mollet" since 2015 as well as its concept director since July 2018. Besides styling and journalism, Naoko is also actively involved in directing ad campaigns and is a frequent speaker at events and an author. She is a mother of three children.


I’d been earnestly looking out for something in the last few years,
always pondering where to get it, how it should fit,
at what price should I pay for it…That something was in fact a pair of spectacles.

It wasn’t just any regular pair of spectacles that I was looking for. It was a pair of reading glasses!
I had perfect eyesight but the time had come and it was increasingly difficult for me to look at restaurant menus and even my mobile phone with much clarity.

Looking back now, I realise that I began feeling anxious around my mid-40s. There were many uncertainties and anxieties.

As I wasn’t able to find the solution, I decided to make my own – spectacles that aid your vision,
are versatile and readily available and are made of interesting materials, colours and forms.
The problem of not being able to see clearly was the initial catalyst behind this project
and I’m very pleased with the outcome comprising these very stylish frames.
How I wish I had come up with the idea earlier!
So yes, it’s finally done!
OWNDAYS has turned my idea into form.
I’ve been a fan of OWNDAYS sunglasses, but these spectacle frames are just beyond perfect.
They are what I’d call “Adult Glasses” and I’m so proud of them.
Of course, they are not just reading glasses.
You can use the frames with any type of lenses that meets your needs ♡

NotesTerms & Conditions

  • Products are covered under warranty. Please see OWNDAYS Customer Guarantees page for more details
  • Resale or transfer is strictly prohibited
    Delivery within Singapore only
  • Upgrade to optional lenses is available at a top-up fee

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