Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before ordering. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

Do check the details of your purchase before checking out and ensure prescription has been issued by a registered optometrist within the last 1 year and inform the optometrist about your intention to buy spectacles from an online source and the details of such source.

The prescription for purchase of spectacles online shall contain the following information in order to be considered a valid prescription:

  1. Details of consumer including full name, date-of-birth and unique identification number (e.g. NRIC number);
  2. Date of eye examination done;
  3. Issue date and expiration date of the prescription;
  4. Name, work and/or contact address and contact number of the prescriber;
  5. Refractive error of the consumer (indicate spherical and cylindrical readings);
  6. Inter-pupillary distance reading;
  7. Back Vertex Distance (if applicable);
  8. Written assessment that the consumer does not have any existing organic eye disease or systemic medical condition that will affect vision; and
  9. Statement of advice acknowledgement by the consumer to undergo eye checks if the spectacle causes discomfort.
  • Error in prescription & address

    For errors in prescription after making payment, kindly send your invoice details along with the corrected prescription to: ecsg@owndays.com

    OWNDAYS will return a call to confirm the prescription.

    Entering an incomplete or incorrect address may result in complication such as lost or delayed shipping.

  • Prices

    All prices are inclusive of GST.

  • Vouchers

    Use of voucher(s) for online purchase will not be applicable.

  • Product quality

    Before shipping is processed, our team will ensure quality is in top condition. If you receive any damaged goods received, kindly send an email to ecsg@owndays.com for further investigation.

  • Warranty

    ‘Expiration date’ refers to the date beyond which the prescription is no longer valid, and it shall be a period not longer than 2 years. The prescribing optometrist shall inform the consumer that the prescription does not give any form of assurance with regard to the ocular status of the eye at any point of time.

  • Shipping policy

    Delivery will take about 5 - 10 working days upon successful payment.

    Should there be any delays, OWNDAYS will inform the affected customers via email/call.

    International Customs and Duties: Many countries impose customs, duties, tariffs or taxes on items being imported from overseas.

    We are NOT responsible for any of these costs if they are assessed by your local authorities. Customers are required to bear any additional charges.

  • After sales services

    Should there be any fitting/adjustment needed, customers may visit any OWNDAYS to do so. Adjustments includes:

    • Changing of nose-pads
    • Adjustments to the screws
    • Adjustment to the fitting of spectacles/sunglasses and
    • Complimentary re-checking of your vision

    * Change of nose-pads is limited to one time only (warranty card required).

  • Amendment of Terms & Conditions

    OWNDAYS reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. All amendments to these Terms & Conditions will be posted online. However, continuous usage of the Site will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the new Terms & Conditions.

Version: April 2018