Terms and Conditions of service

This website is a property of OWNDAYS (THAILAND) CO LTD. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the website. By accessing to and using the website and the products and services available on the website (collectively referred to as “the Site”), you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

However, if you do not consent to the terms and conditions, please do not use the site.

  • General agreement:

    • Once you access the website, you are required to provide personal information which will strictly be used for legitimate interest on the contract of both parties.
    • You are required to register a membership account with us before you can place an order or make use of certain features of the site. We will verify registration process through your email confirmation.
    • The management reserves the rights to restrict or remove user account without prior notice if such actions contradict to terms and agreements.
    • The management reserves the rights to alter or remove user account without prior notice if the actions contradict to the terms and agreements.
  • Intellectual Property

    Information on the website including messages, content, news, graphic, logo, styles, placement, pricing system and services is officially pertained by OWNDAYS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Any duplicating, adjusting, editing, distributing, publishing or storing content for purposes regardless of the written consent or permitted by the law is consider a violation.

  • User account and password

    • User is agreed to provide correct and accurate information for the benefit of buy and sell. In addition, if changes on the given information occurs; user is consent to make changes on personal information at "My Account" on the website.
    • Customer personal information provided to the company will strictly be use according to the management PRIVACY POLICY.
    • We recommend that you keep your account password safely and should there be no reveal of discrete information to outsider.
    • In case username and password cannot be recalled by the owner, the company will not be liable for any losses.
  • Product

    • All prices, images, product descriptions and details listed on the site are solely for representation. The product quality and colour may vary from what appears on the website.
    • From time to time, all prices, images, product descriptions and details listed on the Site may change on the website without prior notice.
    • All orders placed on the site will undergo quality inspection before ship out. Any damaged or defective product received, please contact us at Customer Service Center for directly inspection.
  • Price and Payment Mode

    • All prices in the Site are in Thailand Thai Baht (THB) and are included in Goods and Services Tax (GST).
    • You may make payment by credit/debit card bearing the MasterCard or VISA logo (collectively referred to as “credit card”) or through Internet Banking or other payment mode that are subject to the terms and conditions.
    • In particular, you are required to use your own credit card to pay for purchases on the Site.
    • Payment and product details as stated on the website must correspond to one another. The purchase process will automatically be cancel if payment is incomplete. The management reserves the rights in denying customer orders.
    • All prices, discount coupon, delivery fee and other expense on the Site may change without prior notice. In addition, any changes stated earlier do not impact the completed order before changes.
    • Discount coupons, eGift vouchers and collected points, cannot be exchange or refund.
  • Order Cancellation

    • We reserve the right to reject and cancel your order at any time at our sole discretion even after an order confirmation has been sent to you. For such event we are unable to fulfill your order due to incorrect or invalid prescription and/or discontinued products and/or other reasons. Should such non-acceptance of your order occur, we will inform you via email and refund will be made via the payment mode used in your order or we will replace with alternative items instead.
    • If the orders do not comply with or violates the terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the orders without prior notice.
  • Delivery

    • Your personal information will be provide to delivery provider you have specified when placing your order and such discrete information will be keep safely under the consent between us and delivery provider.
    • Your order will be deliver in our standard packaging upon successful payment.
    • Your order will be sent to the shipping address you have specified when placing your order in Thailand only. Local delivery fee is vary from management discretion.
    • We will not be responsible for any flaws causes by delivery provider .Such delivery shall be at your own risk and you shall accept all liability and risk of loss, theft and damage or delay in the delivery of your order without our control.
    • OWNDAYS is not responsible for any loss or damage after the items or services complimented to customer.
    • Should there be any delay in the delivery of your order, we will inform you via email or call.
    • We do not accept any responsibility for the delay or failure on delivery that may occur from natural disaster, traffic, protest, terrorism or other uncontrollable factors.
  • Exchange/Refund items

    Please undergo quality inspection and inform back to us without 30 days after you receive the items.
    Any defects of the frame or errors during online purchases. We complimentary on item exchanges.
    You may request for product exchange for the following reasons:

    • Any defect on delivery package, dent, tear, opened package before pick-up.
    • Any wrong models, colours or mislead of product information presented on website details.
    • Defective Product

    We reserve the right to not provide exchange/refund at any circumstances.

    • Discount price and participate product do have specific terms and conditions.
    • Return items after 30 days starting from the date of purchase.

    You may reach out to OWNDAYS stores for product exchange in both online stores and physical stores all around the country. Simply return only the perfect frame conditions to OWNDAYS and you are liable for delivery fee of returned product. Unless the defective was originate from us.

    We provide complimentary exchange only 1-time by returning perfect frame conditions to OWNDAYS.

    If the chosen frame value is higher, customer must pay the price difference.

  • Refund

    • Our company does not have refund policy for the frame value that is lower customer’s.
      Unless, there is a prove on the loss and damage frame can be reveal before delivered.
      There are types of refund such case customer successfully completed purchase order.
    • Unless the payment was made through credit cards, we will process your refund based on the original payment mode used in your order. Please note that it will take 15 - 30 days for the refund to be reflected in your bank statement.
    • As for the online payment (Internet Banking), we will process your refund which will take 7 - 15 days for the refund to be reflected in your bank statement.
    • We provide complimentary refund of item equipvalent to the paid value. However, if the order do include delivery fee, we will also process them together with refund amount based on the payment mode used in your order.
    • We will proceed refund once returning product follows the correct terms and policy.
  • Refund

    OWNDAYS Point is used to collect points/product replacement within OWNDAYS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd only.

    General Agreements

    Collecting points and coupons are service available to those who consent to the terms and policy of stores and online stores.

    Point Collection

    • You will earn points based on benchmark and standards we set. Point collecting is calculated from the total purchase price subtracted other discounts and coupons in which the fractions will no be use in calculating the points.
    • Points will be issued immediately upon purchase at physical stores.
    • Points cannot be exchange or replace in cash.
    • Points are valid for 12 months from the issued month.

    Use Earn Points

    • Use points to offset your next in-store and online purchase by make use as a discount to the retail price (vat incl.)
    • You may use points to get discount. For example, 1 Point = 1 Baht. This new point is available on the next purchase. Once the point is used, it cannot be cancel or redeem.
    • Points are not a membership asset and cannot transfer or give to anyone. Once the points are used, it cannot be cancelled or redeemed.
    • Point collecting and coupons are allow to be use in Thailand only.

    List of Promotions

    • Marketing policy and customer benefits offer by us may vary in each individual purchase history.
    • Points and coupon cannot be used together to earn discount or other promotional discount other than those stated on the website and expired points will automatically be deduct from user’s account.

    Modification / Cancellation

    • We reserve denying on point cancellation,point redemption, gifts or revoke membership. If frauds activities in related to earn points are found and do not follow the terms and policy.
    • We reserve the rights to change membership point collecting regulation without prior notice. In addition, such changes in regulations do not impact previous recorded points.
    • In case of disputes or arguments, taking management discretion is advise.
  • Applicable Regulation

    Terms and conditions stated above are subject to and construed by Thai law.

  • Contact Customer Service

    If you encountered issues on website accessing, products and services assistant, complains or recommendations to us, please contact our email info.th@owndays.com
    Tel: 1800-999-366
    Working Hour: Mon - Fri at 9:30am - 18:30pm

Version: April 2018