OWNDAYS eGift Ticket

Simply send a digital gift card to your loved ones!
You may choose any amount of cash and freely add a personalised message to send via any social media channel. This card can be use in both retail stores and online stores.▶︎ What is OWNDAYS eGift?

1. Select card design

2. Select the card denomination

Please enter amount of cash more than hundred.

3. Enter a personal message

Remaining characters 260 characters

4. Enter your name

Remaining characters 20 characters

How to use

Physical Stores

Please flash eGift on your mobile device prior to payment.

Online Store

During checkout, select “Enter and use gift code” at the Use Gift Code section and proceed to enter the gift code found on the eGift screen. ▶︎More details on using the eGift

Terms and Conditions

  • Each eGift is valid for one time use only.
  • Multiple eGifts may be used in one transaction.
  • eGift is non-refundable nor exchangeable for cash or other reward forms.
  • Purchase exceeding the eGift value shall be topped up with other accepted payment methods.
  • The management cannot refund in cash if the items’ value lower than eGift Card.
  • Check the expire date before using eGift Card.
  • eGift Card is printable before using at OWNDAYS shops.
  • Purchased product cannot be exchanged or returned in any case.


Here's an OWNDAYS gift card for you! 



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