It’s okay even if you don’t know the lens power required

OWNDAYS Online Store offers you different options of buying prescription glasses.

Option1 Getting spectacles with the same power as the in-store purchase

Your prescription records from the physical stores will be automatically saved in your account.
During checkout, please select the prescription record you would like to use.

Click here if you do not have
an OWNDAYS account

Order history may not be shown if you have signed up your OWNDAYS account using information that is different from what you have provided during the in-store purchase or if the information is not registered/registered in a different format during the in-store purchase.

Option2 Contact Customer Service Team
via online chat, Facebook or hotline

If you have purchased spectacles from our physical store previously, please contact the Customer Service Team via online chat, Facebook or hotline to retrieve your prescription record.
You will be required to provide us with your name, contact number and the store of purchase.

Option1 Place order after taking
an eye test

If you do not know your required lens power or have never made a purchase at OWNDAYS before, please visit an eye doctor to obtain a prescription.

Click here to book an eye test at OWNDAYS

You must log in to your OWNDAYS account to book an eye test.

Option2 Place order with Lens Replacement Voucher to fit
the frame with prescription lenses at OWNDAYS store

Select “Lens Replacement Voucher” when you place an order online.
You will receive the spectacle frame and a voucher for a complimentary replacement to standard high index aspheric lenses at our store.
This option is recommended if you are placing an order as a gift.