OWNDAYS PC was developed for the people who tend to stare displays of computer, TV, mobile phone and video game today. They can reduce stresses on your eyes by cutting brightness and glares of displays down. Since they are designed to be so light, they are comfortable to wear even for people who had never used glasses so far. PC glasses are strongly recommended to people today who are exhausting their eyes.


Lessen Your Eyestrain by Reducing Harmful Blue Light!

Staring computers, mobile phones or video games for long time make your eyes tired even if you are not aware of it. It is said that one of the causes is the “blue light”. OWNDAYS PC can reduce this blue light which gives glares on the display, therefore troubles such as eyestrain, headache and neck pain can be lessened.

What is OWNDAYS PC Lens? BLUE LIGHT UP TO 25% CUT Reduces the blue light down by up to 25%!

What’s Blue Light from LED Displays?

Stands for lights with short wavelength (385-485nm) that are effused from computer display, TV, mobile phone and even natural light. The wavelength of the blue light is close to the one of UV and have high energy, so that it tends to be a cause of eyestrain.


Things Emitting The Blue Light Around You!

Blue light(385-485nm)

Lens Specification of OWNDAYS PC

Comparing a normal lens and a PC lens above the transparency of blue light (385-485nm) by a test based on International Standard(ISO 12312-1:2013/A1:2015), the lens used for OWNDAYS PC realized to reduces up to 25% of blue light.

  • lens_image
  • Transparency

Ultem Model is Recommended to
Everyone who Needs OWNDAYS PC All Day Long

Using ultem which has high elasticity and lightness for the frame material, they can make it more comfortable to wear for a long time, and realized long-lasting durability. Lens colour is light brown to surely cut the blue light, keeping your vision clear.

Adjustable Rubber Tips

Able to make it more comfortable to wear by adjusting the tips. Since these tips are made with rubber, they can prevent the frame from slipping down from your face.

Ultem Frame

Ultem, a light and flexible material which passed tests of “durability” and “transformability” based on Japan Industrial Standards (JIS B 7285:2008). Safe material as used in spacecrafts and medical equipments.

Plastic Nose Pad

Soft plastic nose pads fit to your nose and leave less pad-mark on your nose ridge.