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Our guest in part 14 of OWNDAYS MEETS is Ms Dawn Yeoh, a popular Singaporean artiste whose beautiful eyes and sweet, bubbly personality has earned her fans of all ages in the country since her entry into show business in 2006. We speak to her about the path she has taken so far and of her plans for the future.

Dawn Yeoh

Dawn Yeoh


Dawn’s debut on TV was the female lead in The Shining Star, a Mediacorp TV drama. The drama won the Best Drama Serial in the Star Awards 2006. Dawn has appeared in numerous TV productions and movies, including Standing In Still Water (Ric Aw, 2014) which premiered in the 25th Singapore International Film Festival. Her other works include musical drama, Crescendo, where she acted alongside Christopher Lee; The Dream Makers which was the 2nd highest-rated drama in 2013; Echoes of Time starring Taiwanese actor James Wen.
Dawn’s latest appearance is in long-running drama, Peace and Prosperity. She is currently managed by Catwalk Asia, one of the leading model management and talent discovery agencies in Asia.

What led you into show business?

To be very honest, it wasn’t my intention to start off as an actress. I had never seen myself doing acting. I love singing and since young, I have always had this dream of becoming a singer. That was why I took the chance and entered into a singing audition. I was then scouted as a singer by a Japanese manager and this was how everything kicked off. Eventually, I ventured out to acting and fell in love with it.

What do you enjoy most being an artiste?

I think the most exciting and interesting part about my job is that we get to go to different places, places where you or me could never even imagine we will be or could be. I’ve been to Brazil for 3 months of filming and I think that it could be a once in a lifetime travel. Also, the unknown of whom I may meet in future or now. The unknowns give me the thrills and put me in much anticipation as I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I love such thrills.

How do you prepare yourself before each performance?

Well, there’s definitely a lot of preparation work involved when I receive a new script or a new role. First and foremost, I start off by understanding the full background of the character before I can move on to doing research online or offline. And then, it’s the creating and moulding part of the character. However, most of the time, we don’t get the luxury of months to prepare for a role. We have to learn how to pick things up fast or even learn it on the spot. Basically, we learn and apply it almost immediately.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far in your career and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge in my career would be the time when I met a contractual incident in 2009. It was probably the lowest point in my career because I was penniless. To be very exact, I was left with having just $100 in my bank account to spend for the whole month and not knowing whether I would take up any more jobs in the future. All the uncertainties just crashed in on me. I think I owed it to my determination, the passion towards my career and also the tremendous support that I received from my family and friends that time. It was all of these that got me through.

Besides acting, is there anything else you would like to try out in the future?

It’s actually a secret but I don’t mind sharing it now [laughs]. I have a little dream ― a dream that may seem improbable now. I have interest in wines so I’m looking at having my own winery in the future. Since I have interest in this field, I hope that I could garner more knowledge now in order to realise this little dream of mine, in fact a wondrous dream of mine, in the future.

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I absolutely love this pair of glasses. I like the tortoise shell colour and the shape. Plus, this is a dual material glasses. As you can see, it’s made of metal and plastics. I think this is pretty special and very importantly, it’s the intricate details that you see on the sides. I think it takes a lot of effort and hard work to create these carvings on the metal. This is something that I would definitely cherish.

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