Correct way of using OWNDAYS CLEAR VISION contact lenses.
To protect the health of your eyes, here’s a guide on how to use the contact lenses correctly.


Before lens insertion

  • 1Trim your fingernails

    Keep your fingernails short to avoid scratching the lens. Ensure the edges of your fingernails are smooth.

  • 2Wash your hands

    Wash your hands with soap before touching the lens. Ensure there is no soap remaining on your hands.
    Only handle the lens with thoroughly cleaned fingers.


Opening lens packaging

  • 1Removing lens from the packaging

    Remove lens from the packaging box.
    - Ensure your fingers are dry
    - Always start with the lens for the right eye to prevent mixing up the two sides

  • 2Detaching a lens blister

    With the aluminium foil facing up, slowly tear to detach a lens blister from the rest.

  • 3Checking the lens blister

    Shake the lens blister lightly to ensure that the lens is immersed in the storage solution.
    Do not open if you notice any damage or hole on the blister.
    Please contact the shop of purchase immediately in such events.

  • 4Peeling off the foil

    While holding the blister tightly, lift the edge of the foil and gradually peel off the whole foil.
    Take care not to spill the storage solution in the blister.

  • 5Taking out the lens

    Using your index finger, gently slide the lens along the side of the blister and bring it up with your finger tip.
    - Take caution not to scratch the lens with your fingernails


Inserting the lens

  • 1Dry the lens

    Swing the lens lightly to remove any storage solution on the lens surface.
    - Take caution not to drop the lens

  • 2Place the lens on the fingertip

    Place the lens on the tip of the index finger of your dominant hand.
    - The lens may slide off if your fingertip or the lens is wet. Dry your fingers and remove any storage solution on the lens surface

  • 3Check for irregularities on lens

    Check to ensure the lens is clean and clear, without any deformation, decolouration, stain, scratch or damage.
    Please contact the shop of purchase immediately if you find the above mentioned irregularities on the lens. Do not use the lens.

  • 4Check the lens orientation

    The inner and outer surface of the lens is different. Wearing the lens inside out may cause discomfort and poor vision.
    Place the lens on your fingertip and make sure it is in a bowl shape and correctly oriented.

  • 5Keep the eye open

    Hold the upper eyelid firmly with one finger of your free hand and hold down the lower eyelid with one finger of your applying hand.

  • 6Insert the lens

    Carefully place the lens on your cornea.

  • 7Close the eye

    Release the upper eyelid slowly and blink gently to ensure the lens is in the correct position.
    - Do not blink too hard as this may cause the lens to fall out

  • 8After lens insertion

    Cover the other eye while looking through the lens to ensure that it is inserted correctly and your vision is clear.


Lens removal

  • 1Remove the lens

    Hold down the lower eyelid with your middle finger and use the forefinger to slide the lens to the lower part of the eye.
    - Do not remove the lens by force. If the lens does not move, blink gently or apply eye drops to increase the moisture in the eye

  • 2Pinch the lens

    Pinch the bottom edge of the lens gently with the tips of your thumb and index finger to remove the lens.
    - Take caution not to scratch your eye while removing the lens
    * Discontinue use if you experience any discomfort and consult your Eye Care Professional immediately.

  • 3Rinse

    After removal, rinse lens with multi-purpose solution.

  • 4Rubbing

    Rub both side of the lens gently in a circular motion for 20 secs.

  • 5Disinfection & Storage

    Fill the case with clean multi-purpose solution and store the lens inside the case for at least 6 hours for disinfection.

  • 6Insertion

    Rinse the lens with multi-purpose solution before insertion onto the eye.

  • 7Case cleaning

    After insertion, empty the old solution and rinse it with fresh multi-purpose solution. Air dry the case in a dry environment.