UV protection starts from the eyes
Wear Clear Sunglasses to keep UV at bay

Clear Sunglasses / UV Block
Clear Sunglasses / UV Block
Clear Sunglasses / UV Block
Clear Sunglasses / UV Block
Clear Sunglasses / UV Protection


Block 100%UV

Sunglasses with transparent lenses that offer
100%UV protection while
promising you
extra style factor


Did you know that you can get suntanned through the eyes? When UV rays enter the eyes, the brain sends a signal to the body to produce melanin which causes the skin to turn dark and freckles to form. Hats and sun umbrellas are only able to block between 20% to 50% UV rays from entering the eyes.
Fitted with anti-UV blue light lenses, Clear Sunglasses offer you double protection from both UV light and harmful blue light! They are the ideal eyewear for all occasions, be it your daily commute, day out or holiday trips.
Find your perfect pair and get started on all-round UV protection now!

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  • Hassle-free UV Protection
    01 Hassle-free
    UV Protection

    Clear Sunglasses offer 100% UV protection for your eyes. They are the ideal anti-UV solution for those who are constantly on the go!

  • UV Care on Cloudy Days
    02 UV Care
    On Cloudy Days

    At times, UV intensity may be higher on cloudy days compared to days with clear skies. Clear Sunglasses are thus perfect for people who prefer not to wear regular sunglasses when it is not glaring outside.

  • Suitable For All Occasions
    03 Suitable For
    All Occasions

    With transparent lenses, there is no need to switch out your Clear Sunglasses when you head indoors or outdoors. Just one pair of eyewear and you are all set! You get a handy storage case too.


All New Anti-UV ProtectionWith Transparent Lenses

Harmful lights entering the eyes can cause skin issues such as tanning of the skin, freckles and spots. They can also lead to eye diseases and eye fatigue. Clear Sunglasses are fitted with non-tinted, transparent lenses that offer double protection against UV rays and blue light. The lenses are able to block 100% UV-A and UV-B which affect both the eyes and skin as well as reduce the amount of HEV light (high-energy visible light) that may cause aging of the eyes.

Block 100% UV Rays Reduce Harmful HEV Light


  • Item 1Metal Frame




    Boston style
    with a Crown Panto touch

    A small, form-fitting design that is recommended for people with small face. The frame features dotted-line engravings on the nose bridge and temples that exude a charming retro vibe.

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    CSU1001B-2S C1 | Matte Black

    CSU1001B-2S C2 | Gold

    CSU1001B-2S C3 | Silver

  • Item 2Combination Frame




    Half-rim design
    in Crown Panto style

    An acetate feature in complementing colour is layered over the top half of the rim to add a touch of fun to the sophisticated frame design. This is a frame that combines classic elegance and contemporary chic in one.

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    CSU1002B-2S C1 | Black / Silver

    CSU1002B-2S C2 | Gold / Brown Demi

    CSU1002B-2S C3 | Gold / Matte Light Brown Demi

  • Item 3Metal Frame




    Currently trending
    polygonal frame

    Switch things up with this polygonal frame, featuring dotted-line engravings on the nose bridge and temples that exude a charming retro vibe.

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    CSU1003B-2S C1 | Matte Black

    CSU1003B-2S C2 | Gold

    CSU1003B-2S C3 | Silver

  • Item 4Plastic Frame




    A stylish yet relaxed
    Crown Panto frame

    The plastic frame body is given a metal nose bridge to create a point of difference. Available in black, clear and clear pink, this is a versatile style that can be worn at both casual and formal settings.

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    CSU2001B-2S C1 | Black

    CSU2001B-2S C2 | Clear

    CSU2001B-2S C3 | Clear Pink

  • Item 5Plastic Frame




    Wellington style

    A minimalist design that is brimming with character and vintage charm. The frame features a keyhole nose bridge design with delicate engravings on the end pieces and temples.

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    CSU2002B-2S C1 | Black

    CSU2002B-2S C2 | Brown Demi

    CSU2002B-2S C3 | Clear

Handy 2-Way Original DesignEyewear Case

Original Spectacle Case
Mini Tray


A convenient, 2-way design that can be used as an eyewear case when folded in half with the buttons fastened. Simply unfold and fasten the snap closure at the four corners to transform it into a multi-purpose tray to hold small items.

Option Lens

オプションレンズとして「UV・PCダブルカットレンズ」をお選びいただくと、追加料金 ¥10,400 (税込)で度付きにも変更が可能です。

  • Clear Sunglasses


  • Block UV・PC lens


¥16,400 税込

  • 薄型非球面レンズ
  • UVカット率 100%
  • キズつきを防止
  • レンズの反射を防止
  • 防汚レンズ加工
  • ブルーライトカット
1.60 / 1.67 / 1.74
¥6,000 (税込)
  • 通常の度付きレンズ、またはPCレンズに変更した場合はUVカット効果はなくなります。
  • 度数によりお作りいただけない場合がございます。ご了承ください。
  • 一部お取り扱いのない店舗がございます。
  • オンラインストアでは、UV・PCダブルカットレンズへの変更は対応しておりません。

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